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The Iron Age Ouse
and Derwent Project 

This publication contains the detailed results of archaeological activities undertaken as part of a community project led by Archaeology North Duffield (AND). AND is the archaeology component of North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society.

Brian Elsey managed the Iron Age Ouse and Derwent Project and the archaeology was supervised professionally by Jon Kenny and Paul Durdin through 2017, 2018 and 2019. The project set out to investigate the Iron Age people who lived in the Vale of York south of the spot where the Romans later created the settlement known today as York. The area is bounded by the rivers Ouse (west and south) and Derwent (east) with the ice age moraine, and the York moraine, to the north. The project undertook fieldwork in a part of Yorkshire that was, when we started, little investigated archaeologically. We would like to think that we have taken forward the understanding of the lowland settlement of this part of the Vale of York during the Iron Age, and almost inevitably (given the nature of the archaeology) the Romano-British period too. The archaeology involved the investigation of four sites altogether that were subject to geophysical survey and evaluation excavation


This publication is available as a whole as a free PDF download or to purchase as a hardcopy for £20 from Amazon. Individual reports are available from the Archaeological Data Service website   

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