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We are very happy to help groups to network with each other. We are also very keen to let people know about opportunities to get involved with archaeology. We can let you know when there is an opportunity to help with fieldwork, finds work or local history. Sometimes it will be free and on other occasions there may be a charge.


Here are the different networks we use to help you find out about opportunities or let people know about your events. 


Email Circulation List.

We have created an email circulation list with over 300 names on it. We use the list to let people know about opportunities to get involved with projects and about events such as open days and talks. If you want to go on the list just let us know or if you want to make an annoucement just send us a message via contact us.


Facebook Message.

We have our own Facebook page called Yorkshire Community Archaeology. If you want to hear news about what's going on just like the page. We post general archaeology news most days, but we will post about opportunities to help too.


If you want people to help you just send your announcement to us through contact us and we will put it out of Facebook. We have over 1,100 likes following us on Facebook. Visit Yorkshire Community Archaeology by clicking the FB icon at the bottom of this page.


Tweet Tweet!

We have a Twitter account (@JKcomarc) that can also be used to get news and to advertise your events. We will be using it to tell people what we are up to, so please follow us.


Other Social Media.

Have a look at the Social Media icons at the bottom of the page. If you want me to add a board for your group on Pinterest just ask and I will do it for you. You can also see Jon Kenny's Linkedin site where you can find out even more about him! 


Timeline York Plus.

If your history or archaeology group is in or near York you might like to join Timeline York Plus. TYP is an unconstituted meeting of groups that come together twice a year to talk about what they are up to and to share tips. They have a WIKI website managed by Jon Kenny that can be found by clicking here.


Here are some other really good links to find out what is going on around you.


CBA Yorkshire


East Riding Archaeological Society


PLACE: People Landscape And Cultural Environment of Yorkshire


Sheffield Community Heritage Forum


West Yorkshire Heritage Forum


York Architectural and York Archaeological Society (YAYAS)


Yorkshire Archaeological Society


Yorkshire Philosophical Society





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